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Brandon Chrostowski plans to continue his ongoing dialogue with the constituents and stakeholders throughout the city to tailor his first-term agenda to the needs of the people. The following is an overview of some of the issues Brandon plans to address. The specifics of how to implement each of these policies will become better-defined as the election moves forward. Brandon is here to listen to your concerns and join forces with you on making Cleveland the best it can be.
We can never reach our full potential if we don’t ensure the safety of our residents. I have a plan to reduce gun deaths in our city. I will:
  • Attack the gang problem by expanding the police department’s use of community service units. This will give officers the ability to respond to crime hot spots more quickly.
  • Work to implement a focused deterrence model of policing that does more than just lock up gang members but, also gives them alternatives to that lifestyle.
  • Using a smart city approach to crime reduction, my administration will implement a web-based system that combines information from social service agencies and the juvenile authorities. We’ll then use this data to determine who is most at risk of committing a violent crime. This will give us the ability to intervene with counseling and other tools before a crime is committed.
  • Promote mentorship and early intervention for those at risk of joining gangs.
  • Work with the probation department to implement more intensive probation for those known to commit violent gun crimes. This has been shown to reduce gun violence by more than 50% in some cities.
  • Also, obtain federal block grant money to target violent crime.
  • Advocate for and implement more community policing. Having officers on foot, especially in warm weather months. This will forge a stronger bond between police and the community they serve.
  • Increase the number of cameras in high crime areas and employ a staff dedicated to monitoring those cameras in real time.
I believe that everyone who wants to work should have that opportunity. As the only candidate in this race with hands on job creation experience, I’m uniquely qualified to lead the fight to put Clevelanders back to work:
  • I will continue my groundbreaking job creation model by implementing job training programs that mirror the effectiveness of what I built with EDWINS. The programs will include those geared towards emerging industries and the skilled trades.
  • My administration will put forth a vision to position Cleveland as a true international city by attracting cutting edge tech companies to move or be founded here. The tech industry is a jobs multiplier. Every tech job leads to the creation of four others. We will engage in forward-thinking methods to attract these companies. Methods such as offering hiring pools, legal resources and funding outlets as well as ensure proactive university support to build a pipeline these companies can depend on for future employees.
  • I’ll work with the business, civic and elected leaders of our community to bring about a livable wage that will adjust for inflation. A livable wage means that parents can better support their families. It means that pregnant women will receive better prenatal care, which in turn will help reduce our staggering infant mortality rate. A livable wage increase means that more Clevelanders have a chance to enjoy the many attractions our city has to offer. Businesses flourish when our residents have more disposable income.
  • This administration will work with the private sector to install entrepreneur incubators in our neighborhoods. The residents of those neighborhoods will have a direct connection to saving them.
  • As a strong believer in the power of women, I will establish initiatives that help women get trained and employed while also providing childcare. In many homes, women are the primary breadwinners and caregivers. When we empower women, we strengthen families.
The future of our city will be placed in the hands of the children we educate today and tomorrow. With that in mind, I intend to implement real reforms meant to address the current shortcomings of our education system.
  • I’ll work to make sure that each school is equipped with a professional mental health counselor so that our children will have a safe space to talk about their problems inside and outside of school. Use and implementation of the recommendations of the school-based Mental Health Tool Kit will bring immediate and profound benefits to our students most at risk. Cuyahoga County suburban school districts have found significant cost savings by having comprehensive mental health services directly in their schools and found that students receiving those services had reduced incidences of serious behavior. Cleveland students deserve the same.
  • As with all of my proposed initiatives, we must be fiscally responsible in order get the most out of the dollars allocated to our children. I’ll begin this process by holding our superintendent accountable for huge mistakes like failing to collect the 8.5 million dollars in rebates for our children. This money could have been used to further improve schools.
  • The district scored and “F” in k-3 literacy. This is unacceptable. I’ll work with administrators and teachers to implement reading intervention in every elementary school that is falling behind on this important metric.
  • We’ll create more mentoring programs like Tru2U which helps 8th graders transition into high school. Programs like these help our children understand that we in the community care, while also reminding them that we, as a community have elevated expectations for them.
The manner in which city services are performed can have either a positive or negative impact on your quality of life. As mayor, I’ll work to make the delivery of these services as efficient as possible.
  • My administration will move towards a “smart city” approach when it comes to delivering city services. We’ll use technology to give residents the ability to monitor the efficiency of these services online in real time. You will now be able to track the progress of the city workers you pay. You’ll be more informed about when you can expect the potholes on your street to be filled. This advance in technology will allow the city to store data in a cloud computing system, which will substantially cut costs on physical storage of information. Initiatives like these enable us to provide services in a way that is truly responsive to your needs.
  • My administration will hold department heads accountable to the people when they fail to provide timely service to the residents of this city.
  • I plan to have the entire city of Cleveland connected to high quality internet by the end of my first term. I understand that lack of access means lack opportunity. Those who are not connected have a harder time applying for jobs online, applying for college online, and finding city and county services which could improve their lives. My administration will move swiftly to close the digital divide.
Clevelanders need to believe that the mayor has their best interests in mind. You should know that I’ll be an advocate for you once I get to City Hall. I’ll show you this in a number of ways:
  • Deals like the one for renovation of Quicken Loans Arena would never happen without the city engaging in multiple town hall meetings with the residents. If money is to be diverted from the general fund to a sports franchise, a substantial and specific dollar amount for improvement to our neighborhoods must be addressed in the very beginning of any negotiation.
  • While I am not opposed to Downtown development, I am against neglecting Cleveland’s struggling neighborhoods. I’ll take a neighborhood by neighborhood approach to revitalizing our communities so that by the end of my first term, you will see these neighborhoods turned around. I’ll work with City Council, community development corporations, businesses and foundations to bring prosperity and hope back to the inner city.
  • I will make sure that our recreation centers are repaired so that our children have a positive and safe place to gather in our community.
  • I pledge that my administration will be open and transparent in terms of its agenda, approach to governing and honoring public records requests.
  • I will make it easier for residents to take ownership of vacant homes that are not in need of being demolished. Part of this plan would help veterans and seniors to acquire these homes at a reduced cost.
  • I will call on my non-profit experience to cut waste from government agencies, drawing on my long track record of balancing budgets and curbing unnecessary spending.

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