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Speak Boldly

Parrhesia. It’s a word forgotten today. It means to speak boldly, with truth, to power no matter the risk in society.  Brandon has embraced this philosophy over the years and it has enabled him to fight for the equality of those touched by our criminal justice system as well as fighting ineffective leaders who continue to overlook the under served. Brandon’s goal is to inspire others to speak with truth so individuals and organizations can fulfill their purpose and potential in order to make our world better.


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A Higher Level

Our lives are a struggle to successfully navigate the intricacies of our professional, familial and interpersonal relationships.  Growing internally into the best possible version of ourselves is crucial to achieving the maximum mutual benefit available from these associations.  Ultimately, our success in life is measured by producing positive results for each of these groups in the most ethical manner possible.


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Speak Boldly.

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